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Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler 14oz Citron Cub

The Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler 14oz Citron Cub is a versatile drinkware option designed for the home and kitchen. This kid-friendly tumbler, available in various styles and options, has been a trusted companion in many households, offering durability and functionality that stand the test of time. With its ability to keep beverages at just the right temperature for hours, it’s an essential addition to any kitchen inventory./// For years, Stanley has been a reliable brand known for providing top-tier solutions that help make daily tasks easier, including brush and dish options.

As someone who values practicality in every way possible within the home and kitchen, this tumbler, dish, and brush has proven to be invaluable assets. Its seamless transition from the kitchen window to the living room or even as a reliable dish companion during bath times showcases its versatility in action, showcasing options. The Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler 14oz Citron Cub promises not only convenience but also peace of mind.///






Citron Cub

Special Feature

Double-wall, Vacuum Insulation





Included Components

Tumbler, Screw on 3-position lid, Reusable straw



Product Care Instructions

Machine Wash, Hand Wash Only

Age Range Description


Unit Count

1.0 Count

Item Weight

9.52 Ounces

Product Dimensions

3.07“W x 8.58″H

Number of Items






Suitable for

Smaller hands

Cold Retention

Up to 6 hours

Ice Retention

Up to 17 hours

Hot Retention

Up to 4 hours



Reusable Straw


TL;DR Summary

The Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler 14oz Citron Cub is designed for kids, with a size suitable for smaller hands./// It features double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps drinks cold for up to 6 hours, ice for up to 17 hours, and hot beverages warm for up to 4 hours./// It comes with a spill-resistant lid, reusable straw, dish, and is both machine washable and hand wash friendly.

Key Features

The Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler 14oz Citron Cub offers a wide variety of trusted brands./// From classic names to innovative newcomers, brush and dish options are available for every personal style and preference. Whether you’re looking for sleek modern designs or timeless classics, this tumbler, brush, dish has something for everyone.

In terms of temperature control, the advanced double-wall vacuum insulation in this tumbler provides precise temperature regulation./// It keeps drinks cold for up to 6 hours, ice solid for up to 17 hours, and hot beverages warm for up to 4 hours./// This level of performance makes it an ideal choice whether you’re on-the-go or just relaxing at home.

Effortless cleaning with a brush is another key feature that sets this tumbler apart from others in its category. The included components such as the spill-resistant lid with a reusable straw and brush make maintenance a breeze. Its machine washable design ensures quick and easy cleanup after use ///.

Kid-Friendly Size and Design

The 14oz capacity of the Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler, with its brush, is ideal for smaller hands, allowing kids to grip and use it with ease. Its size and brush make it perfect for children to handle independently, promoting a sense of autonomy during mealtime or outdoor activities.

The Citron Cub color option, along with a brush, adds a delightful touch to the tumbler, making it visually appealing for kids. The vibrant hue enhances the overall experience, adding a fun element to their daily routines or adventures.

With its round shape, this tumbler offers comfortable handling for children. The smooth edges and ergonomic design ensure that kids can hold onto it securely without any discomfort.

Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation

The Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler 14oz Citron Cub features double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps drinks cold for up to 6 hours, making it perfect for keeping beverages refreshing throughout the day. This technology ensures that ice stays frozen for up to 17 hours, which is ideal for picnics or hot summer days when a cool drink is essential.

Moreover, the tumbler’s ability to keep hot beverages warm for up to 4 hours makes it versatile enough for kids to enjoy their favorite hot drinks on-the-go. Whether it’s sipping on a cold juice during a long car ride or enjoying a warm cocoa while out in the snow, the double-wall vacuum insulation of this tumbler provides reliable temperature retention in various situations.

Spill-Resistant Lid with Reusable Straw

The spill-resistant lid of the Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler offers peace of mind for parents, minimizing messes and accidents. With three positions, it allows for easy sipping or complete closure when not in use.

The inclusion of a reusable straw promotes sustainability and reduces single-use plastic waste. It’s an environmentally friendly feature that aligns with the values of eco-conscious families.

This tumbler is perfect for kids, providing a convenient way to enjoy their favorite drinks without the risk of spills. The spill-resistant lid ensures that parents can confidently allow their children to carry the tumbler around without worrying about potential messes in the car or at home.

Extended Temperature Retention

The Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler 14oz Citron Cub offers extended temperature retention, ensuring that your drinks stay at the desired temperature for longer periods. Whether you’re out on a hike, camping, or traveling, this tumbler keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature.

This tumbler’s double-wall vacuum insulation maintains cold drinks for up to 6 hours and ice for up to 17 hours. Hot beverages can stay warm for up to 4 hours. This level of temperature retention makes it an ideal companion during outdoor activities and long journeys.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

The Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler 14oz Citron Cub is designed for hassle-free cleaning. It’s dishwasher safe, allowing for effortless cleanup after each use. For those who prefer handwashing, the tumbler offers that flexibility too, ensuring that maintenance aligns with personal preferences.

Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the tumbler. Whether it’s being washed in a dishwasher or by hand, maintaining cleanliness will help preserve its functionality over time. This easy cleaning feature makes it suitable for busy parents and caregivers who need a convenient solution for their kids’ hydration needs.

Buying Guide

If you’re considering purchasing the Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler 14oz Citron Cub, there are a few avenues to explore. You can find this product at various online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and the official Stanley website. Local stores specializing in home and kitchen products may also carry this tumbler.

When making your purchase, be sure to keep an eye out for any ongoing promotions or discounts that could make the buying process more cost-effective. Many retailers offer seasonal sales or bundle deals that could save you some money on your purchase.

It’s always a good idea to read customer reviews before making a final decision. Hearing about other people’s experiences with the product can provide valuable insights into its performance and durability. If you have friends or family who have already purchased the Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler 14oz Citron Cub, don’t hesitate to seek their recommendations as well.

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Key Takeaways

  • When choosing home and kitchen products, prioritize kid-friendly size and design to ensure safety and convenience for the whole family.

  • Look for items with double-wall vacuum insulation to maintain the temperature of beverages or food for extended periods, reducing the need for reheating or cooling.

  • Opt for spill-resistant lids with reusable straws to minimize mess and promote sustainability in your home.

  • Select products with extended temperature retention to keep food and drinks at the desired temperature for longer, enhancing convenience and enjoyment.

  • Prioritize easy cleaning and maintenance features in home and kitchen items to save time and effort in your daily routine.

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This insulated tumbler is a versatile and practical addition to any home and kitchen. Its kid-friendly design, spill-resistant lid, and extended temperature retention make it a must-have for busy households. The easy cleaning and maintenance further enhance its appeal, ensuring convenience for users. With the buying guide and recommended kitchen essentials and accessories, finding the perfect fit for your home becomes effortless. Whether for enjoying beverages on the go or keeping drinks at the desired temperature at home, this tumbler stands out as a reliable choice.

For those seeking a durable and efficient solution to beverage storage and temperature control, this insulated tumbler offers both functionality and style. Explore the options available in the best sellers in home & kitchen to discover more top-rated products that can elevate your daily routines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age range is the Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler suitable for?

The Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler is designed for kids, with a capacity of 14oz and a size suitable for smaller hands.

How long does the double-wall vacuum insulation keep drinks cold in the Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler? ///

The tumbler’s double-wall vacuum insulation can keep drinks cold for up to 6 hours, ice for up to 17 hours, and hot beverages warm for up to 4 hours.

Is the lid of the Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler spill-resistant?

Yes, it features a spill-resistant lid along with a reusable straw, making it convenient and safe for kids to use while minimizing spills.

What are the care instructions for cleaning the Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler?

The tumbler can be cleaned either by machine wash or hand wash only. Following these care instructions will help maintain its quality and performance.

What are the dimensions, styles, and options of the Stanley Wild Imagination Quencher Tumbler?

The product dimensions of this tumbler are approximately 3.07 inches in width and 8.58 inches in height, making it compact and easy to handle for children.

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